3 Of The Many Benefits Of Attending University In The United KIngdom


As a parent, we want the best start in life for our children and that generally begins with getting them enrolled in the best playschool in the area. From that, we get them into primary school and then secondary school and all the time, we are encouraging them to study hard and get good test results. The result of all this hard work from both you and your child is that they get an opportunity to go to university and that is a very proud day for the parent and student alike. We, as parents, get to live vicariously through our kids as we didn’t get this opportunity in life.

However, the paperwork and the information needed for getting your kid into university can be a complete nightmare if you don’t know the system and so if you can get any help from a company that specialises in clearing in 2019, then you would be best advised to take it. These specialised companies know how everything works and they can take the necessary steps for your son or daughter, so that they know what universities are open to admissions  and are currently accepting applications.

Getting yourself a university education offers up so many advantages in life and we will look at just some of them here today.

  1. You are going to earn a higher salary and that is a fact. Surveys have shown that university graduates can earn in excess of 50% of what non graduates earn. That is a significant amount and in life, that can really be a game changer. Remember, this is the next 55 years of your life that you are talking about here until you reach pension age and you want to be in the best financial position that you can be in when it comes to that point. Decisions that you make now will really affect your future.
  1. You are less likely to experience unemployment in the UK workforce and graduates experience a 2% unemployment rate compared to secondary school graduates who experience unemployment as high as 43%. That is a significant difference and having a university degree will definitely open more doors for you when it comes to interview opportunities and your ability to choose the jobs that you want to do and not the ones that are currently available.
  1. The cost of attending university in the UK is rising every year, but more and more people are applying. This is because the costs of attending university are more than offset by the salaries that graduates get. With a degree, you can travel and work overseas in all countries where your degree is accepted which is generally the majority for a UK degree.

The benefits of having a university degree are many and too long to be listed here in full. A degree creates opportunities that are simply not there for those who choose to leave education after secondary school. It will be the best investment that you will make in your life and the money will all be recovered if you land your dream job and start earning immediately.