5 Activities for Kids in Bangkok


In this short blog, we’ll be highlighting 5 activities that children can partake in at a minimal cost. There are of course many more activities available, but the activities detailed below appeal to a broad range of children and are suitable for almost all age groups. We’ll also touch upon the education available in the city, with emphasis on the type of activities that an international school or nursery in Bangkok provides as part of its curriculum. The activities listed below are in no particular order of popularity.

  • Kidzania Bangkok – Situated at Siam Paragon this innovative attraction is suitable for children aged between 4-15 and provides an interactive learning experience like no other. Children can actually do everything that an adult does but on a much smaller scale. Whatever your child’s dream job is they can do it here, from an airline pilot to a dentist. Kidzania really is the benchmark that other edutainment venues aspire to but cannot yet, if ever, reach. Our rating 10/10.
  • Kids Yoga – With a number of venues scattered throughout the city, yoga helps children with concentration, develop body awareness, manage stress, increase confidence and decrease reliance on YouTube etc. Yoga is also offered as an activity in many international schools and nurseries throughout Bangkok as part of the school program or as an after-school activity. Our rating 9/10.
  • Swimming – The perennial favourite activity for children around the world, swimming encourages a healthy and active lifestyle and here in Bangkok you are spoilt for choice when it comes to a venue. The majority of condominiums in Bangkok have their own pools, some with babies and toddlers splash pools as well. Swimming is also usually included in most international schools’ sports curriculum with swimming lessons also offered for an additional fee. Our rating 10/10.
  • Football – There are a number of sports clubs throughout Bangkok that offer football lessons and mini games for toddlers right up to 16-year olds. Football is increasing in popularity in Bangkok and the number of girls playing has increased exponentially in recent years. International schools generally offer football as part of the sports program for pupils of all ages. Our rating 9/10
  • Dancing – If there’s one place in Asia that is perfect for dance enthusiasts it’s Bangkok. From Flamenco to Hip Hop to Ballroom Dancing, there really is something for everyone here. You can find dance classes for children almost everywhere in Bangkok with the bulk of them concentrated in the Sukhumvit and Silom areas. Most international schools in Bangkok will also have some form of dancing as an afterschool activity. Our rating 10/10.

So, there you have it, 5 great activities that your kids may enjoy in Bangkok. Getting children active is important for their fitness and general wellbeing and will certainly get them away from the ever-present electronic devices that always seem to be close at hand.